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Our Method

Living Security’s focal point is decreasing human error - the greatest cyber security risk enterprises face - through immersive and intelligence-driven training solutions. Our science-based approach drives user engagement and reinforces positive security behaviors. We apply threat intelligence to train on the most relevant user-facing threats and deliver metrics that enable companies to measure the effectiveness of the program. 

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change your security game



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Immersive learning

Our program immerses people in highly interactive storylines, intellectual challenges and security themed puzzles to put the fun back in learning and reinforce secure behaviors that reduce risk.



Gamification is an effective way to teach employees about cyber risks. Employees are incentivized to actively participate while positive security behaviors are being reinforced.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience establishes increased engagement, information retention and recall.

  • Improved Learning Environment enables users to prepare for real-life cybersecurity scenarios in a safe environment.

  • Instant Feedback ensures users can receive the insights and training they need to address a wide range of cybersecurity challenges.


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Measure your employees’ retention of material over time and identify focus areas for additional training.


Change behavior by using real life assessments and threat intelligence insight to expose risks and reward positive choices.


Create a strong security culture that is sustainable, vibrant and resilient against security threats.


Increase awareness through customized policy integration and test for comprehension.



Capture your employees’ attention with immersive learning activities modeled after violations observed in the workplace.


Applied Threat Intelligence

Applied Threat Intelligence

As a result, your team feels like they have home turf to defend and the ability and desire to help protect it. For security practitioners, applied intelligence reduces uncertainty in decision-making, helps measure the human security perimeter and is instrumental in reducing behavioral risk.

Intelligence-driven security awareness prioritizes the threats of today and tomorrow. Keeping pace with emerging threats means employees know how to respond when challenged. Living Security turns attacker tradecraft knowledge into storylines and creates adaptive learning pathways for each user to start at their ideal level of difficulty.


As a company, we reject the notion that compliant = secure.  However, we realize the necessity for organizations to check the box so for us, compliance is just the start. 

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