Operations Manager

Living Security helps organizations protect their sensitive data by reducing their #1 cybersecurity risk, human error. WE BELIEVE in security for the sake of the person. Computers will always augment human judgment, not the other way around. WE CREATE intelligence-driven security learning content that trains users to identify and react to current and emerging threats.

WE DELIVER a meaningful experience, grounded in behavioral science, that is easy to understand and hard to forget. While we take our mission seriously, we have a lot of fun while executing! Behind every innovation and success we see, there's someone making sure all the gears are greased and the machine keeps pumping. Most simply: we're looking for someone who's hyper-organized and enjoys being so to join our team.


Our dream candidate has the hunger to achieve something great. Experience is not important. Drive is. You'll join a startup experiencing rapid growth near the start of it all. You'll get as much out of the experience as you put into it. We want someone who will do whatever it takes - not just to help Living Security fix security awareness, but because you are in a hurry to have an impact.

Beyond that, our dream candidate can operate in the chaos of a startup environment, by re-prioritizing tasks daily to keep all the balls in the air. We're growing fast, changing fast, and are always short of resources - it'll be your job to manage the ambiguity.


If you do your job well, everything should feel seamless for the rest of the team. You take care of the cracks (both figurative and literal) so everyone can perform at their highest level. You're the Sam to our Frodo, the Hobbes to our Calvin. You keep things together.

Managing resources. You'll manage the tools we use at Living Security (such as CRMs and email clients) as well as research new software to help us scale. Administrative stuff. Unfortunately, not everything will be up-off-the-seat thrilling. We'll also need you to take care of mundane details like organizing our storage, planning trips across America, and other such activities to ensure the trains keep running.


We're more concerned with your drive and hunger than your experience. We invest in potential. If you are a quick learner and super-motivated, we'll help teach you, and the sky's the limit for how far you can rise.

Here are some skills we think are important:

Organization and attention to detail. We can't stress this enough. You'll create the systems that streamline everything. You must be the person who doesn't let the balls drop.

Strong people skills. You'll be speaking with lots of potential customers, customers and partners.

You should have a talent for making people feel instantly comfortable.

Independent problem solver. We want someone who's able to tackle difficult problems on their own and proactively looks for new ways to improve Living Security. In other words, you can just figure it out.

Prioritize efficiently. You'll be juggling a thousand things at once. Be able to recognize which tasks are most important and get those done.

Learn quickly. There are tons of details to learn. You must be able to absorb and retain a lot of facts quickly; we don't like answering the same question three times.

Responsible & accountable. If you say you will do it, you do it.

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