Living Security Escape Room

Humans experience a slew of emotions when they play games - happiness, excitement, eagerness, intrigue and much more!  Not only will your employee's have a higher retention of the security principles immersed in the escape room, they will also see your investment in the game as a reward, an opportunity to to have some fun, learn some things about securing their lifestyle, and form a deeper positive relationship with you.

  • An escape room is an interactive game where groups of people are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles and find clues to escape, all within a set time period.
  • Security Awareness immersed into the game, which includes aspects of the puzzles, the plot, as well as on the spot training and quizzes to help progress through the challenge
  • Plot design and game play based on your organization's specifications, requirements, restrictions, and focus areas
  • Focus areas can include: Insider threat, corporate espionage, email threats, web threats, sabotage, DDoS, hactivism, cybercrime, clean desk, whistle blower and more

Check out some of our participant feedback!

Thanks again! We had a blast, and I’m definitely going to make mention of your services when I can.
Such a blast and a great tool for learning!
This is genius!