Cyber Escape

An intelligence-driven security awareness training platform that leverages gamified learning to make cyber security training fun and effective! Cyber security engagement at scale - that's a game-changer!

96% of participants said they would like to play our training game again!

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We are giving select companies the opportunity to trial this game with 100 of their employees during National Cyber Security Awareness Month- October 2018.

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Real World Risk Demands
Real Life Immersion

Cyber Escape uses highly-relevant security concepts to create immersive storylines accessible to real people while teaching valuable lessons in security, safety, and privacy online. Our role-based modules reinforce security concepts and take the pulse of your security culture. Your employees leave armed with valuable tools and techniques to combat the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

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Cyber Escape immerses people in live-action storylines, intellectual challenges and security themed puzzles to put the fun back in learning.

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Incentivize your employees to participate, accumulate points and gain a position on the leaderboard, while reinforcing positive security behaviors.

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Our 4+1 methodology generates a human risk dashboard for greater insight in to your human risk and informed decision making.

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Intelligence-driven security awareness keeps pace with emerging threats which means employees know how to respond when challenged.


Security Awareness Training Requirements Covered:

  • GDPR
  • GLBA
  • NIST

Role-Based Training Options:

  • Customer Operations (Support)
  • Executive
  • Executive Assistants
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Privelaged Users/IT/Security
  • Software Development and QA

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