NCSAM 2020 Recap

Posted by Michael Krutikov
November 12, 2020

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NCSAM 2020 Recap


What an Amazing Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2020! 

Do your part #BeCyberSmart


So, how was your NCSAM?
If it wasn’t awesome, maybe there’s something missing. We just wrapped up our biggest NCSAM yet, and as the reviews come pouring in, the feedback speaks for itself.


  • 4.75 out of 5 Review Rating - Enjoyed the NCSAM events


  • ~19,000 completed training events
  • 1,700 CyberEscape Online team sessions and over 10,000 participants
  • Hundreds of cities across more than 20 countries


  • 100% feel more confident in recognizing and reacting to cybersecurity threats
  • 90+% feel more comfortable contacting their security team
  • 96% would recommend Living Security training to a friend or colleague


  • "The feedback has been very positive from the cyber escape room participants - with a 5/5 rating every time."
  • "It was a new experience for me - overall the format was great and engaging, a nice change from what I'm used to. The escape room was very fun."
  • "It made learning fun and interactive. I enjoyed meeting new people inside the company."
  • "I don't recall having anything like this before; Was a good wake-up call on passwords and how much cybersecurity people need."


NCSAM Blog Series Recap

Each week we brought you a new blog highlighting each of the themes for this Cyber Security Awareness Month. The overarching theme was to do your part, to be cyber smart. It has a certain ring to it, and not just because it rhymes. There is a responsibility we each hold to make sure that the human part, our part, of the cybersecurity world is strong.

Week one: If you Connect it Protect it
A simple enough premise with powerful implications. We’ve reached a point where connectivity is expected, and security is assumed. What we’ve learned is that security should never be assumed, and strong passwords are the key to protecting our devices and data. Trust but verify is the best practice we should all adopt - but never assume that a device or service that we use provides the cybersecurity it should.

Week two: Securing Devices at Home and Work
The blurred line between home and work has made cybersecurity a BOGO bonanza for cybercriminals. We use devices to connect to more cloud services than ever and most of us use services interchangeably for personal and work use. An overwhelming 87% of businesses are dependent on their employee’s ability to access mobile business apps from their smartphone.

Week three: Securing Internet Connected Devices in Healthcare
Even if we aren’t in the healthcare industry, we all are impacted by the fact that almost 95% of all healthcare-related organizations have experienced a data breach over the past three years. There has been an exponential rise in internet-connected devices in our hands and on our wrists used for monitoring, measuring, and reporting private information about our health. We must take special care to prevent unauthorized access to this most sensitive data.

Week four: The Future of Connected Devices
A.I. everywhere, wireless connectivity speed beyond our imagination, and hundreds of billions of connected devices are in our future. With that comes the realization that technology alone cannot keep up with the proliferation of connected tech. It brings us back full circle that if you connect it, you have to protect it. The human aspect of cybersecurity is the most critical one today and will only increase in importance in the future.

Cybersecurity’s Evolution - The Human Side
A hint of what you’ll see in the 2021 Cybersecurity Trends Guide (coming soon!) is that as a society and as an industry, we are moving towards finally solving the greatest risk in cybersecurity. Various industry reports show that over 80% of all breaches are due to human error - imagine a world where we flip the script and empower people to be our greatest strength. When, and we believe that day is coming soon, we raise the bar for everyone’s cybersecurity awareness, the future of our connected world can be secure and wonderful!


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