Security Awareness - A Whole New Ballgame...

Posted by graham.westbrook
September 09, 2019

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Security Awareness - A Whole New Ballgame...

Security Awareness Training

Our Content Kickoff!

From the leading authority on game-based security awareness comes... brand-new content! Packed with advice, stories and psychology, our upcoming blogs are tailor-made to help you understand the value and ROI of a positive security culture across the enterprise. 

Keep an eye out for…

  • “Behind the scenes” blogs which will give you a peek into our innovative, science-backed approach to creating content for end-users. 
  • “Lessons from the…” blogs which will feature all-stars from our team. 
  • “Immersive theater” blogs which will feature puzzles and games designed just for you, your colleagues and even your families!
Now, here’s an example of some of the incredible content we have cookin’ in the Living Security thought factory:

We are passionate about building your loyalty, trust, and credibility. Let us know how we can improve! We’re here for you…

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