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4 Big Reasons Security Awareness Program Owners Need Living Security

Posted by Living Security Team
June 09, 2021

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Security Awareness Program Owners face one seemingly insurmountable challenge: getting company-wide buy-in for their awareness program. Even when you win over one department, there always seems to be pushback or challenges from another. 

As a result, it always feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle—and that your cybersecurity awareness training might not be performing as well as you hoped.

Maybe what Security Awareness Program Owners like you really need is a helping hand: a trusted partner who can empower you with the tools and materials you need to succeed. Maybe you need Living Security. 

Here are four reasons program owners everywhere leverage our team for time-saving campaign resources:

1. We create an immersive learning experience like no security awareness program you’ve ever seen.

It can be hard—and we mean very hard—to get all departments interested in your awareness training. Most programs are perceived as boring and annoying, or compliance-based checkbox exams that employees are forced to pass to get management off their backs.

With help from Living Security, get your teams genuinely excited about security awareness, often for the very first time. Our secret is experiential learning, or encouraging your departments to participate in interactive training. 

From in-person or virtual escape rooms to fun cybersecurity games, we move past the flat and cringe-worthy video lessons by getting teams to interact with their actual coworkers—actively problem-solving together. Even our training videos take a non-traditional approach, shot in nano-learning episodes like a TV series with engaging plots to keep watchers interested. 

The result? An average 16x increase in retention.

2. Our cybersecurity awareness training is backed by years of science and research.

Games and fun in security education may seem like a more entertaining option, but how effective is it really? Sure, participants might enjoy learning through games, but how much do they actually retain, and what’s the true ROI? 

They retain a lot more, actually. Science shows that the brain is 68% more engaged when having fun, making it a necessary learning instrument for your program. 

Our approach is actually deeply rooted in science and a tried and tested methodology. We strive to transform the entire culture of cybersecurity awareness within your organization by using psychology-affirmed tactics to cement long-lasting behavioral change. That deserves repeating: we aim to create long-lasting behavioral change around security awareness that turns your employees into advocates for your initiative, instead of being perceived as your org’s greatest threats. 

By making your team feel proud and equipped to maintain your security instead of something they are chastised for, you begin down the path toward Human Risk Management—a proven approach that organizations everywhere are adopting for better security.

3. We have a wide variety of training topics, not just phishing!

There’s no doubt that a phishing campaign is an integral part of any security awareness program. However, phishing clicks are not the only metric you should be tracking

Here at Living Security, we offer a number of different learning tracks, covering topics such as Privacy & Compliance, Technical & Secure Coding, Passwords & Secure Authentication and more. 

It’s important to remember that while social engineering does account for a high percentage of corporate breaches, savvy cyber attackers use other methods to get in, and your departments need a diverse education beyond phishing alone. 

4. Our security awareness training tech empowers data-driven improvements.

Wouldn’t you love to have one go-to interface to neatly track all of your core security program metrics? The Living Security platform makes this possible, as one place to see every department’s and every employee’s level of risk. 

From an Overall Security Score to detailed individual category breakdowns, you can silo the data to see what teams or positions are struggling with specific security topics—and even set up automatic triggers for providing additional support.

security awareness

security awareness

Ready to See for Yourself?

As you can see, we do things a little differently here at Living Security.

Our science-based approach drives user engagement and reinforces positive security behaviors across the enterprise. We’re here to help you make your cybersecurity efforts successful, with truly educated teams, secure data and obvious ROI. 

Take our software for a spin by requesting a demo today.

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