RMISC 2018 - Team “Escape Artists” Takes Over @ RMISC 2018!

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May 17, 2018

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RMISC 2018

The attendees at RMISC 2018 could not get enough of The Living Security Escape Room! We had a wait list of participants for every room and even had one gentleman ask if he could go back through a second time! The sponsorship committee is already thinking about having us run two rooms simultaneously next year!

I have given some thought to why this conference was so engaged, and the only logical reason I could come up with is that Colorado people are awesome! So, thank you to everyone who made these two days so fun and successful! Team 1 "The Escape Artists" took home bragging rights, challenge coins, and Cybersecurity Cards as their prizes, Congrats!

Like always, the Escape Room was a fun and successful event! Check out the photos below of the teams that participated.  If you are interested in learning more about bringing the Living Security Escape Room to your organization, check out our product page here or send us an email to drew.rose@livingsecurity.com.

The Living Security Escape Room is an effective tool in reducing risk by improving security culture with a comprehensive security awareness program. By experiencing security concepts throughout the game, participants gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of security risks to enable behavior change.

In October 2018, we are launching Cyber Escape, a security awareness game for end users that is completely digital and can scale around the world. We are giving 100 user seats to any company that wants to experience the game internally. Click here to sign up your organization.

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